When you receive primary care services at the Lam Clinic, the well-qualified staff there provides care for general illness and injury. If you are seeking a long-term professional relationship with a primary care provider, you need look no farther than the Lam Clinic. We provide care for mild to moderate illness or injuries along with general routine wellness evaluations.

Primary Care in General Practice

At the Lam Clinic, primary care falls under our General Practice component. As a result, our competent healthcare professionals monitor and manage health issues of adults, adolescents, children, and infants. We will put together a health plan that helps you make good lifestyle choices to lower your risk of illness or injury. Whether a health condition comes upon you suddenly or you just want a wellness visit, you can rely on the providers at the Lam Clinic to get you well on the road to recovery. Another part of general practice and primary care at the Lam Clinic involves considering the whole person. We accomplish this through an on-going, individual relationship with your other healthcare professionals. We focus on integrated care for all ages and genders. In addition, we advocate for you through a complex health care system. All of our services start with and are consistent with a natural approach to helping you heal from any illness and encourage improving your life through better choices. We combine conventional medications with natural approaches to healing, choosing the latter when they work better. Schedule An Appointment

Health Maintenance

Possibly a much more important function in primary care is an emphasis on promoting good health and preventing illness. In addition to a full complement of counseling, screening, and other services focused on preventing illness and death, health maintenance activities include services designed to assure your best physical, mental, and emotional functioning throughout your life. Preventing a health problem always takes precedence over managing an issue that may rush out of control. Doing this costs less, takes place faster, and works better. Above all, regular appointments with your healthcare professional allow him or her to catch problems that may not yet present symptoms that are known to you.

Sports Physicals

In the primary care setting, conducting a sports physical entails making a decision about whether your or your child’s health will allow participation in a sports activity. This kind of examination, called a pre-participation physical exam, does not take the place of routine physicals everyone should get. Considering all of these factors helps your healthcare provider look at patterns of illness in your life. This allows him or her to consider conditions you may develop. Another part of the sports physical consists of the actual physical exam. Height and weight, blood pressure and pulse, a vision test, a check of heart and lungs, and an evaluation of joints, flexibility, strength, and posture make up the physical. In addition, an evaluation of your abdomen will show any possible hernias that may limit your participation. For young athletes, the questions asked of boys and girls will be similar. But after puberty, the questions change. If a girl participates a lot in sports, the healthcare professional will ask about her periods and diet. Too often, girls fall into the female athlete triad of poor nutrition, weak bones, and irregular or absent periods. Questions about drugs, alcohol, dietary supplements, and ‘performance enhancers’ follow. These can negatively affect health.

Women’s Health

Women experience unique health care challenges. Some issues regarding health that affect both men and women affect women differently. However, certain diseases hit women far more often than men. These include chronic illness conditions that lead to death far more often in women than in men. Complex interactions among hormones, emotional issues, and physiological changes can exist in women depending on their phase of life. Sex hormones influencing reproduction and development bring on a set of specific health issues in women. Primary care providers at the Lam Clinic understand these unique health issues and how some conditions affect women differently from men.

Men’s Health

As with women, men experience some health issues more frequently, and they also experience some unique health issues. Prostate cancer, low testosterone, lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease, HIV infections, and coronary heart disease affect men more often than women. In addition, men more often neglect regular and routine visits to their healthcare professional. Likewise, they tend to drink and smoke more and to make more risky and unhealthy choices. Most of the health threats for men, however, are vulnerable to prevention efforts and early diagnosis. Therefore, this makes screenings very valuable. And with primary care at the Lam Clinic, healthcare professionals provide the screenings and counseling that men need in order to deal with or prevent the health issues they face.

Chronic Disease Reversal

According to the World Health Organization, 63% of deaths around the world in 2016 came because of chronic illness conditions. Cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and obesity proved to be the most frequent culprits. A major part of primary care at the Lam Clinic is not just managing your chronic disease symptoms, but working towards chronic disease reversal. People live longer because of advances in medicine, but often spend the last half of their lives dealing with chronic illness. Many of these chronic illnesses come about because of poor choices in diet. The National Council on Aging reports 77% of Americans dealing with two or more chronic illness conditions as they age. Many of these chronic conditions get much better or resolve with better nutrition. Inflammation lies at the root of many chronic conditions. And inflammation often begins in your gut. Poor nutrition leads to imbalances in your gut, called dysbiosis. Once this condition takes hold, changes occur in your gut that lead to foreign particles, viruses, and bacteria getting through the lining of your gut and into your bloodstream. This triggers your immune system to begin activating to protect your body from the invasion. As you continue eating poorly, the invasion grows. As a result, this often makes your immune system go into a hyperactive mode in order to counter the growing threat to your body. When this happens, inflammation grows as well. All too often, your immune system begins attacking healthy cells as well as unhealthy ones in its attempts to defend your body. This is the beginning of many chronic illnesses. Healing your gut through better nutrition can be a critical step in the process of dealing with a hyperactive immune system and increased inflammation.

Other Necessary Steps

  • In addition to improving your diet, healthcare professionals at the Lam Clinic will help you learn to deal with the stress in your life. Living a healthy, low-stress life will go a long way toward reversing chronic conditions.
  • Another step in your effort to reverse chronic illness has to do with improving your intake of micronutrients. These micronutrients often do not occur in the standard American diet; therefore, you need to supplement your diet. A deficiency in these micronutrients increases the risk of developing several chronic conditions.
  • In addition, removing other stressors in the form of chemical toxins from your environment will increase your chances of reversing chronic illnesses. Some of these toxins come from cigarette smoke, gasses emitted from carpets and dry cleaned clothes, chemicals in cleaning products and makeup, toxins in the environment, extra body fat, and recurring infections.

At the Lam Clinic, care for you and your family is our top priority. We strive to form a lasting relationship with you and to provide the best medical care for you with a natural, whole-person focus.

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