One of the most frequently encountered issues brought to medical clinics everywhere involves people seeking weight loss. Some come to the clinic after they exhaust every possible avenue they can think of to lose weight. Others come at the request of other medical professionals due to serious concerns about their weight and health.

For some, changes in diet and lifestyle provide the boost needed to lose the weight they desire. Therefore, an increase in motivation and learning how and what to eat may give them what they need to go home and eat better.

Underlying Health Conditions That Prevent Weight Loss

However, for others, no weight loss program works. These unfortunate people tend to suffer from some underlying health issue that prevents them from losing weight. Some of those issues are listed below.


Stress manifests itself in many ways in our current society. It seems to impinge on every aspect of our lives. Many times it becomes chronic.

Along with stress comes high levels of cortisol. One of the major problems with cortisol is weight gain. Cortisol tends to cause fat deposits around the middle of the body instead of on the hips. So, learning to deal appropriately with stress can lead to weight loss.

Hormone Imbalances

Women especially suffer from imbalances in the levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone that can bring on weight gain and make it hard to lose the weight. This becomes more problematic as women age and reach menopause.

Issues With Thyroid

If your thyroid gland produces too little of its hormones, you likely will experience weight gain. This makes it very difficult to lose that weight as your metabolism slows down. Sometimes, even if you take medication for an underactive thyroid, you may still have symptoms of low thyroid hormones. Make sure to find the root cause and see if it’s a thyroid or an adrenal underlying issue.


Inflammation comes from many sources. Sometimes, chronic inflammation results from certain food sensitivities. But you may not even know you have these sensitivities and that the weight loss difficulties you experience come from them.

Imbalances In Brain Chemicals

If you happen to suffer from imbalanced levels of dopamine or serotonin, you will likely experience weight gain. That is up to 25% of people who take SSRI’s or antidepressants might find themselves gaining weight.

Approach To Weight Loss At The Lam Clinic

Taking a functional medicine approach to assessing your difficulty with weight loss becomes essential. This allows the healthcare professionals at the Lam Clinic to evaluate your health for any of the conditions listed above. In addition, it gives us the ability to remediate those conditions in the best way to help you lose weight. If your body is fatigued and exhausted, you have to keep in mind that intense exercise might not be the goal for you at that moment. It’s important to find a program that will work with you on the velocity and strength of a lifestyle program.

Most of the conditions that interfere with your weight loss respond to natural remedies and an integrative approach. The healthcare professionals at the Lam Clinic rely on those remedies to bring about the safest, most effective way for you to lose weight.

Weight loss at the Lam Clinic depends on good assessment and remediation from a functional medicine standpoint.

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